Plot 100 Bristol Business Park Car Park

Stoke Gifford, Bristol


Market Sector: Commercial, Parking

Client: Abstract Group / Bowmer & Kirkland

Main Contractor: Bourne Parking Ltd.

The project was to design and build a new three storey car park for three new commercial offices constructed on Plot 100 at Bristol Business Park.  The car park provides 475 spaces for employees of Babcock International who are the tenants of the grade A offices.

Given the commerciality of the scheme and the prevailing economic environment during 2020; resulting from Brexit and Covid-19; we worked closely with Bowmer & Kirkland during the pre-construction phase to develop the most cost-effective solution for the car park whilst meeting the requirements of a high quality development and the local planning authority.  Central to this was the use of our lean, clean and quality prefabricated Montex car park system utilising two different clear span column grids:  2.5m externally, thereby facilitating the use of simple concrete strip footings and reducing the requirements for a secondary support framework for the cladding system, and; 7.5m internally, to minimise the number of columns and facilitate an open and user friendly space.

We also utilised our galvanised steel mesh system to provide a single integral and economic combined vehicle crash barrier and pedestrian edge protection solution around the perimeters of the two suspended parking decks, and developed a bespoke framed wire mesh system to provide a planting trellis structure for the extensive green wall planting.  Both of these items avoided the requirement to purchase more expensive proprietary systems.  Finally, we also worked closely with the client’s architect to refine the car parking layout, based upon a flat plate system with a simple one-way clockwise circulatory layout and a single two-way vehicular ramp designed to be comfortably wide for users of the car park.