Ikea Wednesbury & Croydon

Ikea Wednesbury & Croydon

Wednesbury & Croydon


Market Sector: Retail

Client: Ikea

Engineer: Blyth & Blyth / Bolton

Main Contractor: RG Group

We designed, supplied and installed structural steelwork, metal decking, concrete topping and intumescent paint for IKEA stores in Wednesbury and Croydon, over a two year period.

The construction comprised an independent mezzanine steel floor within each of the large warehouse shopping centres. Both stores continue to trade throughout the project.

To cause the least disruption possible a majority of pre-assembly was done off-site and only connections and welding took place in store. Furthermore, we used fibre reinforced concrete to speed up the installation of the flooring.

We are delighted that IKEA recognised the important role we performed on these projects and are proud to be a preferred contractor for future work.