Pinewood Studios Bourne Offsite Solutions

Pinewood Studios Modular Stair Towers



Market Sector: Modular

Client: Pinewood Studios Group

Engineer: Adams Kara Taylor

Main Contractor: Bluestone

Bourne were contracted to install four internal stair towers, to be ready in time for the filming of the next 007 film.

The stair towers needed to be free standing structures and be fully enclosed to give an hour’s fire resistance. These installations were made more challenging as the stair towers were located close to the walls, and extended upwards in between the roof trusses, with only millimeters of clearance either side.

Using our ‘BourneStair’ solution and expertise gained from completing numerous modular stair installations, the stair towers were designed for off-site manufacture at our factory in Henstridge. Each staircase consisted of five self-supporting modules with a top hood module to give security and fire resistance. The modules comprised fully welded structural steel frames with cold rolled studwork panels fitting into the framework.

In order to install the modules inside the finished shell of the building, an ingenious system of temporary runway beams and hoists were used to lift and slide the modules into place. Installation on-site took two days per tower with a minimum of on-site work to complete the handrail and lighting.