01-Oct-2015: Steelwork installation continues apace at the V&A Museum

V&A Museum

In August last year Bourne Steel was awarded the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) Exhibition Road Project, and this September Bourne delivered the first steel to site.

Bourne Steel have constructed a 42 tonne storey deep inclined spine truss and are now delivering and installing a series of 13 large toblerone type trusses. These trusses, along with a further 200 tonnes of ancillary steelwork will form part of the Museum’s ‘FuturePlan’.

The major development works will provide a large underground exhibition gallery, an open courtyard and an improved street level entrance, set within the beautiful, historic facades of the V&A’s Grade I listed building. The new courtyard will house a café and be used for installations and events.

Overall completion is scheduled for the end of 2016.