Structural Innovation & Bespoke Modular Solutions

Innovation and the ability to deliver market-enhancing solutions is the difference between Bourne and other construction engineering businesses.

We invest heavily in the individual components of innovation: people, processes and technology. It means we continually discover new ways to accomplish traditional builds and benefit clients. It sees us break ground, introducing new and modern methods of construction that shape entire markets such as offsite construction. But also, it means we develop our own portfolio of products. Each is a result of our experience, expertise and a commitment to research and development. But also a triumph of insight and innovation.

Bourne Engineering

Bourne Engineering is the in-house creative hub around which all Bourne Group activities revolve.

It employs the very best technology and engineering thinkers to drive innovation and the creation of market-leading solutions.

At the heart of Bourne Engineering’s success is a willingness to constantly evolve and adopt new ideas, processes and technologies to meet the industry’s challenges today and in the future. Leading the construction engineering industry in the use of BIM 2.

The perception of Bourne Engineering is one of innovation and application, which continues to attract new clients to the Bourne Group now and into the eighth decade of our growth.


Our investment in hardware, software and the technological know-how of our people is without equal.

It is driven by our passion for the new and the innovative, which has seen us establish a first-class research and development discipline that fuels new thinking, methods, products and solutions.

Such is our understanding of technology and its application, the Bourne Group is represented on the National BSI committee and several other industry regulatory bodies.


What clients say

“We have worked with Bourne for several years and remain amazed at their ability to continually innovate to discover not just new solutions but the right solution.”


Bourne Group is responsible for the design, development and introduction of market-leading products.

Each new product aides construction, reducing timelines and costs, to improve solutions for clients. Products are a direct result of our foresight and creativity, and while each product introduction influences construction across the industry, it remains unique to Bourne Group.


Bourne Group is pioneering the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) in the UK construction industry. 

The successful use of BIM relies on excellence in three components: people, processes and technology.

The Bourne Engineering team includes structural and civil engineers and CAD modellers who are highly qualified and fully conversant in BIM protocols.

We have been operating BIM for several years and have successfully integrated new technologies and developed processes to meet the needs of clients. As such, Bourne Engineering BIM standards are replicated across the industry, and are helping form national accreditations.


Bespoke Modular Design

The Bourne Group approach to bespoke modular design is to re-engineer traditional design solutions with the benefits of off-site construction.

We guarantee the modular design will perform for the original purpose but overcome particular project, site or client constraints. Employing the strengths of BIM, our objective is to produce a ‘plug & play’ solution, reducing installation times while minimising disruption on site.

The success of bespoke modular design is reliant upon the detailing of material interfaces, and requires close consultation throughout the design, manufacture and installation stages.

Offsite Manufacture

We are leaders in off-site manufacture.

Built on our vast steel construction experience and employing all our creativity, we design, manufacture and install a wide range of innovative off-site solutions.

Off-site manufacture offers clients huge advantages.

We gain greater control, which improves safety, quality and reduces costs by minimising snagging and alterations. We can also optimise the use of sustainable materials and systems.

Better still, as off-site manufacture runs alongside construction on a main site, delivery times are shortened and costs are further reduced.

AirLink, BourneBalcony and BourneMontex are fine examples of our off-site manufacturing capability. Products that have changed airport, residential and car park construction nationwide.