Who We Are

Bourne directors are highly experienced and hugely professional individuals with the responsibility for the performance of both people and the business. The Board is a collectively harmonious team that has led Bourne to its eminent positioning in the industry.

  • Bourne Group Directors

    Steve Govier

    Chief Executive
  • Bourne Group Directors

    Howard Davis

    Group Finance Director
  • Bourne Group Directors

    Alan Pillinger

    Managing Director - Bourne Engineering
  • Bourne Group Directors

    Nick Hayes

    Managing Director - Bourne Nuclear
  • Nick Hatton

    Managing Director - Bourne Steel
  • Karl Butters

    Managing Director - Bourne Parking
  • Bourne Group Directors

    Craig Phillpot

    Bid Director - Bourne Steel
  • Charlie Rowell

    Construction Director - Bourne Site Services
  • Bourne Group Directors

    Paul Luxton

    Pre-Construction Director - Bourne Parking
  • Bourne Group Directors

    Jeff Stewart

    Technical Director - Bourne Parking
  • Bourne Group Directors

    Dean Cunningham

    Operations Director - Bourne Parking
  • Craig Galway

    Deputy Divisional Director - Bourne Special Projects
  • James Bichard

    Technical Director - Bourne Steel
  • Mark Hill

    Associate Director - Bourne Engineering
  • Clare Clayton

    Group HR Director