Elephant & Castle, London


Market Sector: Residential, architectural

Client: Newington Butts Developments

Engineer: AKT II

Main Contractor: Mace

Architect: Axis

At 150m high, Highpoint is one of London’s tallest residential buildings and accommodates 457 apartments over 47 storeys.  Bourne Steel was selected to erect a four pronged steel crown on the uppermost level, designed as an integrated architectural and structural system supporting the balconies below via a series of vertical Macalloy bars.

The crown has only 24 main structural steel components, but it was essential that once each component was lifted up onto the roof, they all fitted perfectly. Therefore, a trial erection was undertaken before taking all the components to site. The trial erection was done in such a way as to replicate the actual erection even though it was performed at ground level. This went as far as marking out a space around the crown, identical in size to the top of the tower enabling us to work out the best position for MEWPs, bearing in mind that space was very tight on top of the tower.

As each and every individual steel component was installed, everything had to be continuously surveyed for uplift, sag and the correct geometry, with the trestle’s jacks then adjusted accordingly.