Group Companies

The Bourne Group comprises of four businesses: Bourne Steel, Bourne Rail and Special Projects, Bourne Parking and Bourne Nuclear.

Individually, they are specialists, each with a unique position within the construction engineering industry. Collectively, they embody a commitment to the betterment of quality, safety and of the improvement of our people.

Bourne Steel

We are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of structural steelwork. We design, manufacture and install steel structures characterised by innovation and an impeccable delivery record.

Bourne Rail and Special Projects

A fine example of the vision and agility within the Bourne Group, we deliver smaller, highly specialised projects within larger schemes.

Bourne Parking

Bourne Parking is a UK success story; a triumph of vision, innovation and delivery.

Bourne Nuclear

We are the fusion of Bourne Steel Ltd and Dodd Nuclear Ltd, bringing together the direct experience of working in the nuclear sector with the size and capability of a major UK steelwork company.