Heathrow Airlinks

Heathrow Airlinks



Market Sector: Airports

Client: BAA

Engineer: HETco

Main Contractor: Mansell Balfour Beatty

Airlinks utilise contemporary architecture and technology, and have been developed specifically for 21st Century airports. The units include full acoustic and thermal insulation to ensure a controlled internal environment. What’s more, a unique connector frame allows separate modules to be connected together, to give a walkway indefinite length.

Airlinks have been designed in accordance with Eurocodes BSEN 1990,1991 and 1993, and CE Marked in compliance with BE EN 1090. The concrete floor ensures compliance with SCI P354 “design of floors for vibrations: a new approach 2007” and the Concrete Centre “a design guide for footfall induced vibration”. Airlinks also comply with BAA Specifications.

Airlinks have a robust steel structure crafted to directly receive composite cladding, roofing and glazing. Airlinks are a fine example of lean construction; they contain no secondary steelwork flashings. Building services are fully integrated within the internal fitout: lighting, heating/air conditioning, PA system, fire detection/alarm, interchangeable double glazing and composite cladding, designed to accommodate ramp gradients up to 1 in 20 and spans up to 28 metres.