01-Dec-2020: Bourne Group declare commitment to decarbonisation and SteelZero

The Bourne Group is very pleased to add their voice to the demand call for the decarbonisation of global steel production. Today marks the beginning of a significant global business push for clean steel with Bourne Group being one of the first companies to have signed up to SteelZero.

Steel currently delivers to a truly circular economy with its unique re-use and near total recyclability. With the support of the steel producers continuing their efforts to decarbonise and eventually achieve SteelZero, we believe that structural steel will maintain its foremost position as the economic and effective construction material of choice.

The Bourne Group has for many years taken the lead in the refurbishment of major steel structures and recognises the life cycle benefits of steel as a construction material. Combined with our excellence in engineering and technical solutions for challenging projects, the Bourne Group continues to deliver both efficient and sustainable steel solutions.

Find out more about our commitment to procure 100% net zero steel by 2050: