Bourne Engineering is responsible for the design, development and introduction of market-leading products.

Each new product aides construction, reducing timelines and costs, to improve solutions for clients. Products are a direct result of our foresight and creativity, and while each product introduction influences construction across the industry, it remains unique to Bourne Engineering.

  • Bourne Deck


    Highly versatile, clear span car park frame solution:

    • Unique steel cleats enable deck to sit within the depth of long span floor beams, which contributes to shallow overall beam and floor slab depth of approx. 670mm
    • Rapid installation removes need for auxiliary supports during concrete pour
    • Requires less concrete depth for deadweight up to 40% less than traditional car parks
    • Allows for construction phases to occur simultaneously, decreasing overall construction time and site disruption
    • High resistance to bending for effective transmission of loads throughout construction
    • Available with factory-applied coatings in range of colours
  • Bourne Stair


    A modular stair tower system constructed using volumetric techniques.

    • ‘Stair-in-a-Day’ technology ensures installation of up to 12 storeys in under 24-hours
    • Suitable for both internal and external stair construction
    • Off-site construction guarantees quality while minimising disruption onsite
    • Lightweight steel stud panels set into frame provide insulation, fire and impact protection
    • Integrated decoration, fire alarm systems, heating, lighting and ventilation
    • Available in range of finishes and cladding options
  • BourneBalcony

    A modular balcony system designed for contemporary residential developments.

    • Off-site construction improves build quality and speed of installation
    • Made from just three components including an internal frame that removes need for cantilever slabs
    • Installed as single, complete unit
    • Small connection interface further reduces installation time
    • Fits to any building material: concrete, masonry and steel
    • Modern aesthetic available in a range of finishes
  • BourneBeam

    A shallow, asymmetric steel floor beam designed for high-rise, multi-storey construction:

    • Designed for flat slab steel construction
    • Compatible with pre-cast concrete and metal deck flooring systems
    • Most effective with spans up to 8 or 9 metres
    • Torsionally stiff, resistant to vibration for high performance
    • Suitable for both residential and commercial multi-storey buildings
  • Bourne Montex


    A modular car park assembly system:

    • Clear span structure increases light and safety
    • Off-site construction minimises disruption onsite, while decreasing overall construction time and costs
    • Lightweight frame reduces need for foundation concrete to further reduce costs
    • Flexible system allows for future expansion and reduction of structure
    • Available with range of finishes to complement immediate and natural environment
  • Bourne Airlinks


    Interlinking walkway system specifically designed for airports:

    • ‘Plug and Play’ technology delivered and installed inside 24-hours
    • Unique connector frame produces walkways of indefinite length
    • Steel structure crafted to receive cladding, glazing and roofing
    • Full acoustic and thermal insulation for controlled internal environment
    • Versatile and adaptable for hospitals, rail stations and schools