British Gas multi storey car park built by Bourne Parking

British Gas Lakeside Campus

Staines, Berkshire


Market Sector: Commercial

Client: British Gas

Main Contractor: Fox (Owmby) Ltd

Spaces: 330

The project was to design and build a single suspended deck car park to provide 150 additional car parking spaces within the confines of the British Gas’s existing Lakeside Campus in Staines. The car park was designed by Bourne  Parking under a Pre-Construction Services Agreement, to be sympathetic to its environment and an integral part of the landscape next to a refurbished water feature. The car park was constructed with our lightweight steel frame and precast concrete Montex floor system. The external façade consists of western red cedar timber battens supported on metal ladder frames, and includes stainless steel planter wires to facilitate a ‘living wall’.

The existing ground level parking was completely re-configured to improve its efficiency and bring traffic down the centre of the site away from neighbouring residential properties. 

The project had several interesting items within its scope, including the demolition of “Blue Flame” club building, the use of controlled modulus columns to provide ground improvement in the area of a former infilled lake, and a lighting installation that consisted predominantly of low level parapet mounted fittings and illuminated bollards in lieu of traditional columns.  Additionally, the scheme was constructed in accordance with a Network Rail Basic Asset Protection Agreement, as it is adjacent to the Waterloo to Reading mainline.