Heathrow Airport Lift Modules - Bourne Offsite Solutions

Heathrow Airport Lift Modules



Market Sector: Modular

Client: BAA

Engineer: Rathbone & Walsh

Main Contractor: Mansell

We were asked to provide a lift core to enable easy passenger access. to the Airside Coaching Stations at Heathrow Airport.

These installations are normally complex and timely affairs, as all works are carried out under strict ‘airside’ regulations. The ‘BourneLift’ product provides a fully contained structural lift solution, which can be used in any structure. The modules can be up to 12 floors in height, self-supporting, and can even provide lateral stability to other structures. The lift shafts can be externally clad or boarded, fully insulated and internally lined with high impact resistant finishes, and fully prepared with fixings and running rails – all installed off-site.

Each module is designed to be fully compliant with Building Regulations and Fire Regulations, to enable a simple interface with a wide range of structures.