Brent Cross Wrap Substation



Market Sector: Power & Energy

Client: Argent Services

Engineer: ARUP

Main Contractor: Galldris

Architect: IF_DO

Brent Cross Wrap - image John Sturrock
Image: John Sturrock

The project site for the primary substation is a visually prominent gateway at the North Western tip of Brent Cross Town. The design brief was for the PSS wrap to transform a typically utilitarian substation enclosure into a visually appealing structure and a large scale public piece of art defined by four primary factors:

  • Conveying a sense of movement
  • Creating a dynamic structure and form
  • Symbolizing Brent Cross and the future Brent Cross Town
  • Delivering a visually uplifting structure that creates a local landmark and supports place-making

Bourne Rail & Special Projects were initially appointed under a PCSA (Pre-Contract Services Agreement) for the steel and cladding, to help develop the client and their design teams’ vision in conjunction with the cost plan. Sustainability was key to the project and early design team involvement meant that approximately 50% of the steel frame was sourced from re-purposed steel. The PCSA was then extended into a construction order, which was completed within the agreed cost plan and programme.